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This web page is part of the Farnborough Dyslexia & Learning Centre web site and contains information about the Reading Family History Centre.

RECORDS IN THE CENTRE (as at December 2005)

.Registration records and LDS research sources on film and fiche – cabinet list                                      

5          Film      GRO    Births England  1837-1894

6          Film      GRO    Births England  1894-1902

6          Film      GRO    Marriages England        1837-1903

6          Film      GRO    Births Scotland 1874-1930

6          Film      GRO    Marriages Scotland       1878-1956

6          Film      GRO    Deaths  Scotland          1855-1919

7          Fiche    GRO    Births England  1901-1983

7          Fiche                Deaths Scotland           1920-1956

7          Film      GRO    Births Irish                    1864-1958

7          Film      GRO    Marriages Irish 1845-1958

7          Film      GRO    Deaths Irish                  1864-1958

7          Film      GRO    BMDs N.Ireland          1922-1959

7          Fiche    IGI       Ireland 

8          Fiche    IGI       England           

8          Fiche    GRO    Deaths                          1837-1983

8          Fiche    Census London only                 1891

8          Fiche    Boyds  Marriage Index

8          Fiche    Miscel.            

9          Fiche    Census England exc. Ldn          1891

9          Fiche    GRO    Marriages                     1904-1983

9          Fiche    Census England & Wales          1881

9          Fiche    Census Scotland                       1881

9          Fiche    OPR    PRs Scotland   




Family history societies, LDS and other research sources on compact disc – computer rack list

            Vital Records Indexes

            British Isles

            Western Europe

            North America



            Censuses, national

            1880 US

            1881 British

            1871 Ontario Canada (FTM index)

            1871 Nottinghamshire

            1861 Dorset

            1861 Essex

            1861 Lincolnshire

            1861 Norfolk

            1861 Suffolk

            1861 Worcestershire

            1851 Devon, Norfolk, Warwick (LDS)

            1851 Bristol

            1851 Cornwall

            1851 Dorset (index)

            1851 Glamorgan

            1851 Gloucester

            1851 Leicester City

            1851 Somerset

            1851 Wiltshire

            1841 Pembrokeshire

            1841 Suffolk


            Parish Records

            Cheshire (Marriage index)



            Dorset (BTs)




            Nottinghamshire (Marriage licences)




            National Burials Index

            Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

            Family Tree Maker


            US Social Security Death Index


            *Signifies part(s) only

**Phillimores list



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